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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
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"The heavens declare the glory of God
and the firmament showeth His handiwork."  Psalm 19:1

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Pastor Larry T. Burkholder

Address...301 Shaw Street
               Frostburg, Maryland

Phone number...301-689-6294

10/1    Today's message, "The Compassion of Missions"  was about how Jesus saw the multitudes
and had compassion on them.  Pastor also talked about how we need to show compassion to our families,
friends, church family, and the lost.  He explained that we show compassion for peoples of other countries
through our missionaries.

10/8    Missionaries Eric and Lisa Kreh to the Netherlands taught and preached at our church Friday, Saturday and today;
as well as Mr. Steve Trexler, missionary to Liberia.  Both stressed the fact that Christianity is all about the Lord
Jesus Christ.  He has the pre-eminence.  We are ambassadors for Christ and His domain, therefore we represent Him to
a lost world.   As people watch us, what do they read?

10/15   Today's sermon was based on John 3:7.  Pastor used "SUCCESS" as the outline for the message. 
He first told us to have success in the Christian life, you must be born again.  You must know Christ as your Saviour.
1.  S...Search the Scriptures.  Not just once in a while but, daily.  Living the truths you find.  2.  U...Unceasing prayer.
Pray as a practice, a way of life.  3. C...Confess Christ.  4. C...Confess known sins.  5.  E...Enter the services of a good
Bible believing church.  Become involved.  6.  S...set aside one-tenth of your income to give to the church.  This
supports missionaries who go in our stread to other places to win souls for Christ.  You then become a partner in
soul-winning.  and 7.  S...Surrender to the Holy Spirit for His use. 

11/05   Today's sermon was from II Chronocles 14 and 15.  Pastor's title was "From Faith to Failure".  King Asa
was a good king.  He had been raised by two ungodly parents but, he, himself, committed himself to follow the Lord
God of Israel.  He was so committed he detroyed idols, idol worshippers, and anything that would cause his people
to worship anything or anybody else other than the Lord God.  He even disposed his mother from sitting on the throne
of Israel.  The story doesn't end there.  Come this Sunday to hear, "the rest of the story".

11/12   King Asa was a good king of Judah and set his heart on obeying the Lord God.  However, instead of asking
God what he should do when Judah was threathened war by a foreign power, he took things into his own hands.  Hanani,
the prophet, came and told him that he had done the wrong thing.  King Asa became diseased in his feet and died  from
that disease.  King Asa's first 30 years as king influenced the people of Judah to follow the Lord.  Question:  how does
how we live influence people?     

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